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900Mhz RFID Reader

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작성일 작성일 2020-06-29


Handheld UHF RFID Reader  /  IH25

For different operations executives in retail, warehouse and DC,
who wish to improve efficiency but are limited by the capabilities of
their current systems, IH25 is an enterprise-class UHF RFID reader
with compatible handheld computers to provide reliable and secure
management of corporate data, and wireless communications. Unlike
consumer level devices, IH25 offers a long availability cycle and key
features (scanning, battery, rugged specs) designed for tag capture
use cases.
The Honeywell IH25 handheld RFID reader is paired with Honeywell
high performance computer to provide best-in-class UHF RFID and
1D/2D bar code scanning technology. This perfect combination
is a complete solution for retail, inventory management and other
workflows, which improve productivity, operational efficiency and
quality of service. We believe that with this powerful RFID reader,
Honeywell will help customer to meet the expectations – fewer
employees and resources but more productivity and flexibility,
streamline the process and increase efficiency.
The IH25 unit is built in a powerful RFID reader module, the
ability to connect to mobile computer via Bluetooth.
• Better Reading / Writing Range with powerful chipset
• PDA & Scan Handle charging simultaneously
• Multi tags read especially for retail application
• User friendly design
Computer models support including CT40, ScanPal
EDA51 and no limitation for future models extension.
• High RFID performance as:
• Reliable communication including Bluetooth
• Removable, rechargeable battery for long time uses
• Homebase dual charging for RFID reader and
mobile computer
• Strong drop and tumble spec for protection
• Support integration with the 3rd party system by SDK



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